Cultural Tourism

Cultural Tourism

One of the key factors shaping the culture of Iran, the Persian Empire (Achaemenid), Sassanian dynasty, dominated by Arab, Mughal and Safavid attack looked. To understand Iranian culture should be regarded as independent nations around Iran. Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Armenia and Georgia as well as Iraqi Kurds and Turkey, and Pakistan, all more or less inherited a corner of the Iranian culture.3 Hijri Calendar - particularly Islam and Shiism 4 - religions and rituals of Zoroastrianism, Mithraism and 5 - The Art of Iranian (Persian literature and poetry, Persian architecture and Dinner), 6 - Local cultures, ethnic groups' cultural honors and privileges. " Iranian culture has its own traditions, like having your own solar calendar, is distinct from many other cultures. while almost all countries of the world, one of the Gregorian calendar (solar), AH (by month) and the Chinese calendar (the Based months) use, the Iranian calendar as one of the most accurate calendars with a very good starting point (start of spring) the cultural highlights of Iran. Iranian culture has two characteristics that make it distinctive cultural identity. These two properties, one of "the joy of art and elegance" and other "high level of excitement in life" is. Culture is extremely rich in the production of fun, art and fun, and full of finesse that many of the cultures of the countries Advanced lacking. elegance that promote human happiness and excitement and thus more pleasure out of life were included. Apart from the visual arts and pleasures of their special place in Iranian culture. Another symbol of elegance, culture, cuisine Iran. The Iranian Khvrshhay somewhat similar to some of the food has similarities to both Hindi and Persian Kbabhay Kbabhay Greek and Arabic, Persian cuisine has a lot of unique elements. Enjoy the art, culture and excitement of the other can be studied next. This kind of excitement to the lives of many Iranians increase happiness and reduce depression.

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