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What is international driving license?

This international license is issued without any driving test. The term of validity of the international certificate is one year and three years. It can be used in the countries which accept this license. Persons who receive this certificate should not ignore or violate the laws and regulations relating to the conditions of the destination country. In addition to Farsi, this certificate has been translated into seven international languages (English - French - Russian - Arabic - German - Spanish - Chinese). International driving licenses cannot be extended after expire date, you must apply for a new driving license.


Required document

Valid license issued by the Islamic Republic of Iran with a validity of at least one month and one day to obtain a one-year international certificate

Valid license issued by the Islamic Republic of Iran with a validity of at least three years, to obtain a three-year international certificate

One photo in 3x4 cm (with Islamic hijab for women)

Present international international driving license (if valid)

Presenting the original or image of the passport's first page

Completion of application form (Persian and Latin - Latin date of birth should be included)

Pay 1،410,000 Rials for one year international driving license

Pay 1,630,000 Rials for One-year Driving License with Motorcycle Driving License

Pay 4,140,000 Rials for three-year international driving license

It is important to note that the documents are delivered only to the applicant or first-degree relatives by presenting the identity card or lawyer's legal form with the presentation of the power of attorney and authenticity card.

For attention of international driving license applicants

To travel to the countries of the United States, Canada, Australia, European countries and the United Arab Emirates, it is required to have a national driving license along with an international driving license.


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