Iran Travel Agancies

The quality and variety of services that meet international standards Europcar Iran is a great advantage for travel agencies and their clients, provides: Discounted car rental rates Transparent price structure Range of services designed to suit the needs of both personal and corporate clients Competitive commission rates based on time and distance Local support and provide offers and incentives.

Permanent and easy access to online booking system Access to an international network of car rental Europcar Competitive rates Europcar Iran surely will attract you and your customers.

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Persika Tours 

The cooperation between Europcar Iran and Persika Tours has been started on August 2016. This partnership is in the field of Inbound and Persika is introducing Europcar Iran services to its customers.


Pars Gasht Jam

The cooperation between Europcar Iran and Pars Gasht Agency has been started on July 2016. This partnership is going on the fields of inbound and outbound car rental. Pars Gasht is introducing Europcar Iran's services to its customers.


Taha Gasht 

The cooperation between Europcar Iran and Taha Gasht Agency has been started on Nov 2016. This partnership is going on the field of outbound car rental. Taha Gasht introduces and provides Europcar Iran's services to its customers..


 Inbound Marcopolo Holding

The cooperation between Europcar Iran and Marcopolo has started on August 2015. Based on the agreement marcopolo will introduce and provide Europcar Iran services to its customers and partners and subsets all over Iran.


 Darvaze Melal Company

Cooperation with this company has been started on 2013 and is still going on much more closer. This partnership is in two field of inbound and outbound car rental.

IRSATell:+ 98 21 22050145Address: No. 701, Roshan Building, Parkway, Tehran, Iran
Golestan QodsTell:+ 98 21 42578000Address: No. 115, Golestan mall, Shahrak Qarb, Tehran, Iran
Yarigar Omid IranianTell:+ 98 21 88747085 Address: No. 3, Fourth Alley, Sarafraz St., beheshti St., Tehran, Iran
Seir Gasht ZomorodTell:+ 98 21 77137013 Address: No. 53, Taherian St., Shariati St., Tehran, Iran
Pish GharavolanTell: + 98 344 2220803Address: Vali-Asr Cnj., Vali-Asr St., Azadi Sq., Bam, Iran
Tisatr AvalTell: + 98 21 7132301966Address: No. 66, Zol-Anvar Gharbi St., Shiraz, Iran
Aseman haftomTell:+98 31 36671990Address: Kazeroozi mosque, Amir St., Isfahan, Iran
Donyaye ParvazTell: +98 3136673101-4Address: No. 8, Charbagh St., Isfahan, Iran
Asoode Parvaz IsfahanTell: +98 31 36698860Address: No. 120, Hezar-Jarib St., Azadi Sq, Isfahan, Iran.
Tavoos Gasht IsfahanTell: +98 31 36695716Address: In front of University North entrance, Shiraz gate, Isfahan, Iran
Ghasedak sefidTell: +98 31 36642268Address: Erfan building, beside Shahr Bank, Northern Sheikh Sadoogh,Isfahan, Iran
AlighapooTell: +98 31 36411187Address: in front of Kazemiyeh Mosque, Second Apadana St., Isfahan, Iran
Kian Safar SepahanTell: + 98 31 34476602Address: Baran bldg, Sarcheshme Station, Ayatolah Adib St., Isfahan, Iran
Tatilat Aram SepahanTell: +98 31 6736700-5Address: No. 1, Pardis Mall, Beside Jahangardi Hotel, Hezar-Jarib St., Isfahan, Iran
Taka GashtTell: +98 31 36662081-5Address: Beside Park Complex, Charbagh St., Isfahan, Iran
Hermes Gasht AsiaTell: +98 31 32353331Address: Beside Ordibehesht Mosque, Southern Ordibesht St., Isfahan, Iran
Shid San SeirTell: +98 31 36693333Address: No. 91, beside Borj Sq., azadi St., Isfahan, Iran
Saer SeirTell: +98 31 3629003 - 5Address: No. 113, Mehrdad cnj., Tohid St., Isfahan, Iran
Oj Parvaz SandbadTell: +98 31 36296525Address: No. 1, Pardis Complex, In front of university northen entrance, Daneshgah Blv, Shiraz Gate, Isfahan, Iran
Sadr IsfahanTell: +98 3134000Address: No. 78, Nasiri Alley, Nazar-Gharbi St., Isfahan, Iran
Venus IsfahanTell: 031 32221479Address: No. 260, Kamal Smaeil St,. Khjoo Sq,. Isfahan, Iran
Yademan Persia GashtTell: 031 36691201Address: No. 436, Armaghan Mall, Sheikh Sadooghi Jonoobi St., Isfahan, Iran
Rad tourismTell: +98 31 36250081Address: In front of broadcasting Organization, Sadi Park, pol-Felezi St., Isfahan, Iran
JahangardTell: +98 31 36689530Address: No. 446, Armaghan Mall, Sheikh Sadoghi Jonoobi st., Isfahan, Iran
AshenaTell: +98 31 32226444Address: Ashena bldg, Koohsar park, Jey St., Parvin st.,Isfahan, Iran
Forootan GashtTell: +98 31 32503031Address: Koohsar bldg, Parvin highway, Isfahan, Iran
Shokooh Gasht IranianTell: + 98 31 2665570Address: No. 36, in front of Telecommunication Organization, 22 Bahman st., Isfahan, Iran
Raoof Seir SepahanTell: +98 31 35245200Address: Padide Complex, In front of Negin-Jey Hotel, Jey St., Isfahan, Iran
Sepahan Delgosha parvazTell: +98 31 32231555Address: Mohammad-Abad, Seyed-Ali-Khan st., Isfahan, Iran
Rah isfahanTell: +98 31 32223974Address: Ferdosi Bldg, Ferdosi st., Isfahan, Iran
Arman GashtTell: +98 31 32214141Address: No. 201, Orkide Complex, Khaghani St., Isfahan, iran
Isfahan GashtTell: +98 31 36619092Address: No. 175, Beside Nabi Mosque, Ayeine-Khane Blv, Isfahan, Iran
Mina Naghsh JahanTell: +98 31 36265777Address: In front of Sadi Hospital Alley, Nazar gharbi st., Hakim nezami Junction, Isfahan, Iran
Faragasht IsfahanTell: +98 31 34449469Address: Robot St., Razmandegan Conj., Isfahan, Iran
Selva IsfahanTell: +98 31 36694744Address: Sheikh Sadoogh St., Isfahan, Iran
Tanaz ParvazTell: +98 31 32359962Address: Madi Farshadi, Shamsabadi St., Isfahan, Iran
Katibe GashtTell: +98 31 36274936Address: Mohtasham Conj., Hakim Nezami st., Isfahan, Iran
SpadanaTell: +98 31 32646061Address: Malek Conj., Hasht Behesht St., Isfahan, Iran
Chakavak GashtTell: +98 31 32677773Address: Sharif Vafeghi, Bozorgmehr St., Isfahan, Iran
Bita Passenger CompanyTell: +98 31 34359294Address: No. 2 Saloon,Kave Terminal, Kave St., Isfahan, Iran

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