Islamic Arch

Islamic Iranian Architecture

While artists, architects and urban planners around the world are trying to modernize urban spaces still cannot, regardless of architectural style - Iranian step to take. Jonathan Kvryl according to a report on Islamic architecture influence western architecture - Iranian Journal, "San Francisco Chronicle" by monuments and buildings in many Western countries, especially the United States, with a design inspired by Islamic architecture - Iranian mosques and places our religion are Islam. In fact, relaxation and excitement magnificent Islamic architecture - Iranian mosques and religious places attract the attention of many artists and architects from around the world, this is art.- Islamic Iran and imitate it in any way they integrate with its architectural style. For example, the floor of the entrance towers of the World September 11, 2001 was razed to the ground by two hijacked airplanes, the most important is the Tlfyqhay Western and Islamic architecture. Many experts in this field, the area just in front of the towers of the stage version of Mecca, the holiest Muslim shrine, the elegant design and built form. In addition, Islamic architecture - as well as Iranian, European culture has influenced American culture. In many European cities like Venice and Spain mansions and buildings can be seen that the influence of Islamic architecture - designed and built in Iran  Eastern and Western architectural styles seen.

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