Are classified into various museums, history museums and archaeological open air museums, anthropology museums, palaces, museums, science museums and natural history museums, regional, local museums mobile (ambulatory), parks, museums, the Museum of Weapons (Military), museums, scholars (Artists). Historical and Archaeological Museum: This museum and historical sight range of historical periods are represented. Most of these works have been excavated in the past and represents civilization and combining science, art and science are a nation or a people. Such museums are also called mother. National Museum of Iran (Persia), the National Museum and the Museum of History in Washington Versailles in France are of this type. Outdoor Museum: The museum can be introduced to create this kind of important archaeological findings and data will be of great help. This term is known as an outdoor museum. These include museums, historical sites can be Ecbatana Persepolis in Shiraz and Hamadan noted. The museums in other countries, such as China, Greece and some other European countries is also common. In the area of Khorasan on "classified" Dargaz that the bed is very beautiful Sassanian era and historic sites, "Shaw Yakh» Nishapur can be a good place for it. Museum of Anthropology: culture, customs, beliefs, traditions and social clothing show society. Anthropology Museum in Tehran and Kerman Khan Ganjali bathrooms are of this type. Palace Museum: The historical traces of past or to come and show us how life situation and its owners. May be based on historical objects and works of art including paintings, walls, plastering and ... Exist. There are usually at the center of the Government House Museum. The establishment of museums and monuments, as well as to showcase the lessons. SAADABAD Tehran and Mashhad Abad Palace complex of these museums are the property garden. Museum of Art and decorative arts of the highly aesthetic display and they usually have a lot of visitors. Museum of Decorative Arts at the Museum of Fine Arts in Tehran and Isfahan are of this type. Museum of Natural History and Science: the scientific evidence and the experience of working devices and natural history which includes different species of animals, especially the display. Natural Science Museum and the Natural History Museum in Mashhad and Isfahan are of this type. Local or regional museums: the graph represents the culture of a region or a particular neighborhood, purely historical monuments and objects exhibit the same area. Museum of Susa, Persepolis Museum Tous in Khorasan are of this type. Mobile Museum: Fast promote cultural goals and the lack of facilities in disadvantaged regions and cities are shaped. The museums in different places, different cultures are exposed to the public. If you pay attention to these museums will be very influential. Museums Parks: Because of various scientific and educational, cultural and recreational attractions are important because of the environmental issues and natural for people to exhibit. An important feature of this museum is that the public can benefit from seeing them. Iran has a history museum in the park, but it is common in countries like China and North Korea. Cultural sites, such as the National Historical Shrine in Mashhad Ferdowsi, Khayyam and Attar of Nishapur, the tomb can be a good place to do that. Military Museum: The history of military weapons and war are exposed for all to see. These objects include military uniforms, martial arts, weapons and other military equipment also. Museum scientists for honoring artists, writers, inventors and society figures, usually after they died in their own homes including personal items arise and the means employed and their works are. The museum is common in most European countries. Edison invented the famous English writer Shakespeare's home and has this kind of power in America. The man in the big house 'music teacher, Saba Hasan "and include a museum of paintings, writings and his personal property.

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