Religious Tourism

Religious Tourism

Religious, shrines and holy places every year, many tourists are attracted towards, accommodation and catering facilities such as the Tourist Inn Zayrsraha ¬ and the social context - cultural and religious tourists and host community Religious divisions in general can be divided into eight categories: 1 - 2 of mosques - the mausoleum of Imam Howe 3 - tombs and mausoleums 4 - lean and early Hosseinieh 5 - temples and Fire 6 - convents and monasteries, each of these attractions can be religious dimension of local, regional, trans-regional, national and international requirements. According to the above definition, we have two different types of tourists face. But that is not the Christian churches in different parts of the visit or Christians or other religions are Buddhist temples to visit. Properties of religious trips: Trips religious as well as other trips that are characteristics that we mentioned a few of the following: 1 - the negative environmental impacts of tourism, cultural and social - which is less than other forms of tourism Perhaps part of the teachings of the schools, religions, pilgrims and the pilgrims who often calm, peaceful and law-abiding people are. 2 - Seasonal and religious trips, these trips that is available only in certain seasons. 3 - Those that make such journeys in search of spirituality because they are simply looking for a high diversity of demand mostly are not. 4 - All the people of any social class can make such trips. 5 - Most of the religious and pilgrimage travel as a group and as a group are organized manner. (Just like what's on Islam and is obligatory pilgrimage to Mecca that all Muslims there). 7 - Religious and pilgrimage centers and places to meet people from different cultures and regions can used for national feast.

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